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Benefits Of Organic Food For Your Body & The World

Organic food has been growing in popularity in recent years, especially with the debate surrounding GMOs heating up, and the increased consumption of processed and fast foods.

What Exactly Is Organic Food?

The idea of organic food is a very simple one. It refers to the agricultural method of growing and processing foods, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, meats and dairy products. 
There are strict guidelines that farmers and producers must follow in order to legally label their food as organic, but, essentially it means there cannot be any artificial food additives in it.

So, Does Organic Food Have Any Benefits?

yes. There is some evidence available today suggesting that organic foods have health benefits for humans. But on top of that, there are other benefits of organic food, including animal welfare and positive environmental factors. 

Organic Foods Have More Antioxidants

Organic Foods May Contain More Nutrients

Organic Dairy And Meat Have Higher Levels Of Healthy Fatty Acids

Organic Foods Lessen Consumption Of Chemicals And Resistant Bacteria

Organic Foods Have Lower Nitrate Levels

Organic Meat Is Free From Antibiotics And Synthetic Hormones

Better Welfare For Animals Raised Organically

Organic Farming Is Better For The Environmental

February 24,2018