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Prashanth Patil - The Organic Food Industry Hero

• He is working closely with the farmers to make organic food products easily available.

• Left his lucrative job in Australia to help the farmers in terms of profit.

• A man with innovative ideas who wants to bring a revolution in the food grocery market.

What he is doing?
He is working very closely with the farmers all across India in order to
procure the best organic food products and make them easily accessible to
the people. He bridges the gap between the farmers and consumers by
using diverse innovative technological sound techniques. Constantly
working towards farm prosperity and ensuring that the people easily get
organic food products without compromising their health.

What is his plan of action?
Prashanth is a very simple man and it is this simplicity that he uses in his
ways of working and executes his plan of action without complicating the
work procedure. For him two things are of uttermost importance, first one
being the financial growth of all the farmers associated with him, their
awareness in terms of market requirements and they should not suffer due
to lack of technical or scientific assistance. Second important aspect to him
is Customer Satisfaction. To maintain a balance between the two, he
focuses on the products quality, accessibility and value of the money. The
quality of MeraKisan Organic food groceries are highly maintained, none of

the customer should suffer because of bad quality of product, the buyer's
trust in brand and products are of the highest importance to him.

What is the most critical initiative that he is working on and how he
plans to achieve it?
The biggest challenge for him as of now is to source certified organic
products. Sourcing the organic products is quite difficult but to solve this
problem Prashanth's company MeraKisan has started supporting farmers
in all the possible ways to help them practice organic farming by developing
their own ICS (Internal Control System). His'Brand- Heroes'are his
farmers and with their help Merakisan as a brand constantly thrives to
popularise organic food products among people in order to ensure a
healthy community. He directly provides market to the farmers who do
organic farming. As, farmers don't even get Minimum Support Price (MSP),
so at Merakisan he does his best to give them opportunities to earn and
make profits out of organic farming. Popularising organic food products and
spreading awareness among people of the benefits of consuming organic
products in order to promote a healthy lifestyle is what he work towards. By
forming the ICS (Internal Control System) he achieves to deliver the
certified food items to all buyers and the farmer groups are getting added to
the list rapidly.

September 23,2019