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Why Organic Food Should Be Your First Choice?

All of us are very well aware that food plays a vital role to survive as it is one of the important
necessities of life. Now, the question that arises is, 'Are we eating the right food?'

Everyone should ask this question to themselves and try to analyze the food consumed on a daily
basis is whether the right one or not. The next question that would come to mind can be what is
the actual definition of 'right food?' and how it differs from person to person? The right food for
parents might be healthy home-cooked food for their children, for nutritionists or dieticians; it
might be the food rich in certain proteins and vitamins. But, do we realize that the fruits,
vegetables, cereals, pulses and other food products consumed are truly the right food'by the
way they are produced. Each of these items that we intake on a daily basis cannot be termed as
healthy enough because they contain chemicals and pesticides that are responsible for the
increase in health-related issues. The food trends are changing rapidly every day, the food market
has become very dynamic. Earlier, with the advent of the Green Revolution, the focus was
entirely on the production of a large quantity of food so that it is available to the maximum
number of people at affordable rates. But, now the Agriculture sector is also evolving and there
are continuous changes that are happening in the production sector as well. The 'New Agriculture Trend' or 'New Phase of Agriculture' is shifting more towards the organic mode of
farming. The right choice of food for people should now shift to organically grown food. It is
good for the health of human beings and mother Earth's health as well. Organic farming does not
cause any type of pollution and is free of chemicals. To go back to the earlier method of farming
practiced in India; it was entirely based on the traditional or the organic mode of farming. The
organic produce is rich in both taste and health and the need of the hour should be Organic Food
to lead a healthy chemical-free food life.

MeraKisan, an Organic Food Products Industry is working closely with the farmers to provide
people with 100% certified organic food. Just try to choose the right food by shifting to organic
food by making it your first preference in terms of food groceries. Promise a healthy life to your
family and friends by changing the definition of the right food because 'Organic Food' is now
something that is transforming the entire food market in terms of good health, rich in taste and
purity of the food products.

September 20,2019